Dawson City, Yukon

Dawson City was formed after gold was discovered in the Klondike in 1896, and the town's population quickly grew to about 50,000 as gold rush fever swept the world. Only about 3,000 people currently live in Dawson City. While some mining operations appear to still be in business, the area's primary industry seems to be tourism.

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August 04, 2003 17:31:26

A view of Dawson City from the balcony of the Bed & Breakfast place I was staying at.

August 04, 2003 17:31:48

August 04, 2003 18:24:40

A downtown street in Dawson City.

August 04, 2003 18:25:20

Many satellite dishes in the Far North would point north instead of south. I'm not sure how this works... this satellite company claims that their satellites are in the southern sky.

August 04, 2003 18:26:30

An exact replica of the original Palace Grand Theatre, where plays and dances would be held back in the gold rush days.

August 04, 2003 18:30:31

August 04, 2003 18:34:23

August 04, 2003 18:36:10

A really fancy looking library.

August 04, 2003 18:38:05

August 04, 2003 19:02:18

This is the White Ram Bed & Breakfast, where I stayed for the night. This was a cool place, and I recommend it.

August 04, 2003 20:19:04

A very dark photo which I took inside the Palace Grand Theatre, just before the "Gaslight Follies" play began.

August 05, 2003 10:13:16

The Call Of The Wild.

August 05, 2003 10:14:06

Welcome to Dawson City!

August 05, 2003 10:27:13

The confluence of the Klondike and Yukon rivers.

August 05, 2003 10:30:58

August 05, 2003 10:31:17

August 05, 2003 10:40:34

Front Street, which is actually the Klondike Highway, runs along the river. I believe this was the only paved road in Dawson City.

August 05, 2003 10:43:57

An original steamboat which brought early settlers to Dawson City.

August 05, 2003 10:49:13

I get to the Dempster Highway visitor's center too late to be useful to me.

August 05, 2003 12:14:50

This is the title to a land claim that Jack London made while he was searching for gold in the Yukon.

August 05, 2003 12:16:33

A reproduction of Jack London's cabin, using half of the wood from the real cabin which was found a few decades ago in the wilderness. The other half of the original wood is in the cabin replica at Jack London Square in his hometown of Oakland, California.

August 05, 2003 12:17:09

The Jack London Centre contains many Jack London artifacts.

August 05, 2003 12:31:12

Another photo of a Dawson City street.

August 05, 2003 13:16:00

An odd place to put your plants.

August 05, 2003 14:05:14

The restored Bank of British North America building. These teller booths are exact replicas of the booths in a BNA building at another town, which were themselves exact replicas of the original booths in this building.

August 05, 2003 14:34:09

The historic post office.

August 05, 2003 14:39:23

August 05, 2003 14:45:14

The Klondike Thawing Machine Company, which produced equipment gold miners used to thaw the permafrost.

August 05, 2003 14:48:27

The inside of a Saloon.

August 05, 2003 16:26:31

Robert Service lived in this cabin when he was in Dawson City.

August 05, 2003 16:24:33

A peek inside the back part of Robert Service's cabin.

August 05, 2003 16:29:00

The front part of Robert Service's cabin.

August 05, 2003 16:29:16

Another view of the front part of Robert Service's cabin.

August 05, 2003 16:30:09

The view from Robert Service's cabin on Writer's Row.

August 05, 2003 16:42:08

The Dawson City Museum

August 05, 2003 18:46:56

Gold Dredge Number Four

August 05, 2003 19:39:50

A few photos of Dawson City from the "Midnight Dome" on the mountain above the town.

August 05, 2003 19:40:08

August 05, 2003 20:00:43

YES, there are Klondike Bars to be found in the Klondike!!!

August 05, 2003 20:51:11

Riding the ferry across the Yukon River to the beginning of the Top Of The World Highway.