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David Simmons

I'm a Colorado-based contract software engineer specializing in backend work, systems programming, and consumer electronics.

Consumer electronics

I have experience with low-level programming for consumer electronics and other embedded systems using C, C++, and even hand-optimized assembly when needed. I can develop Linux device drivers for your custom hardware. I understand media programming, including dealing with packetized video and audio streaming formats, video pixel format conversions, and the peculiarities of transmission protocols such as HDMI, S/PDIF, and IEC 61937.

Network applications

I've been developing Internet applications and web apps for many years. I've implemented many custom protocols in C and C++, and dealt with lots of hairy TCP/IP issues such as NAT traversal. I've developed business web applications in environments such as Java/Spring and Python/Flask.

Android customization

I've supported hardware manufacturers looking to bring new Android-based phones, tablets, and television devices to market. Such support has included customizing the Android platform to provide new value-added features and adapting AOSP builds to newly manufactured boards and SoCs.

Local to Colorado

I'm based in the Denver/Boulder metro area, but mostly work remotely for clients around the country, and make frequent trips to Silicon Valley.

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