Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk

The Arctic town of Inuvik lies at the end of the Dempster Highway in the very northwest corner of the Northwest Territories. The town of 3,298 was built by the Canadian government to provide modern services such as hospital and school to the residents of this remote region.

Tuktoyaktuk is an Inuit village on the coast of the Arctic Ocean, about 100 miles north of Inuvik. Tuktoyaktuk is only accessible by air during the summer, although an ice road on the Mackenzie River is driveable in the winter.

All times are in Pacific Daylight Time, regardless of the local time zone.
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July 31, 2003 21:36:08

A sign at the entrance to Inuvik welcomes visitors.

July 31, 2003 22:09:13

License plates in the Northwest Territories have an odd shape.

July 31, 2003 22:09:30

The Davemobile is protected by a layer of arctic dirt.

July 31, 2003 22:09:55

The landmark "Igloo Church" is visible from the hotel parking lot.

July 31, 2003 23:42:28

A view out my hotel window of Inuvik, at 12:42AM local time.

August 01, 2003 12:23:51

Downtown Inuvik.

August 01, 2003 12:24:52

The Igloo Church

August 01, 2003 12:26:02

The hotel I stayed at is on the left, and the shopping center with the bookstore where I bought postcards is on the right.

August 01, 2003 13:00:11

A poor view of Inuvik from the "viewpoint" area on a high road.

August 01, 2003 14:19:06

The "North Mart" is a modern grocery and department store.

August 01, 2003 14:37:45

August 02, 2003 08:30:42

Boarding the 10-seater Cessna for Tuktoyaktuk!

August 02, 2003 08:52:39

A view out the plane at the arctic tundra.

August 02, 2003 10:22:39


August 02, 2003 10:23:16

A graveyard in Tuktoyaktuk, with the Arctic Ocean in the background.

August 02, 2003 10:38:44

Here's me, standing in the Arctic Ocean.

August 02, 2003 10:51:05

Standing at a monument on the Transcanada Trail, a walking trail that goes across Canada. (Count me out for walking it.)

August 02, 2003 10:58:11

An boat that has some sort of special significance for the town.

August 02, 2003 11:01:05

The local Anglican church.

August 02, 2003 11:14:43

A historic Inuit dwelling.

August 02, 2003 11:37:04

The tour guide shows us where they smoke the fish that I'm about to eat.

August 02, 2003 11:40:25

Fish, Whale, and Carabou Soup, yum!

August 02, 2003 14:11:38

The government of NWT set up an area. Then they set up an office.

August 02, 2003 14:11:55

The local radio station. The girls who apparantly worked at the station could not explain why they didn't have an antenna.

August 02, 2003 14:14:10

The Northern store, a direct descendent of the Hudson's Bay Company, is a modern supermarket.

August 02, 2003 14:22:12

The modern-looking inside of the Northern store.

August 02, 2003 15:13:48

In the distance, a United States DEW (Defense Early Warning) radar station still keeps an eye out for Russians flying towards the U.S. from the Arctic.

August 02, 2003 16:44:09

A view out the airplane, on the way back to Inuvik.

August 02, 2003 20:13:55

Camping out in the Arctic.

August 02, 2003 20:14:41

August 03, 2003 09:30:08

August 03, 2003 09:31:27

August 03, 2003 09:32:28

Another Honda Accord made it all the way to Inuvik from Ohio with sign reading "THE ARCTIC OR BUST".

August 03, 2003 09:34:09