Yukon Territory

I drove the Alaska Highway from the BC/YT border through the towns of Watson Lake and Whitehorse, then turned off onto the Klondike Highway to travel north towards the Dempster Highway. Keep in mind that although the pictures show a lot of roadside services and cities, the Yukon is an extremely sparce land. The Yukon is larger than California, and has a population of only about 30,000.

All times are in Pacific Daylight Time, regardless of the local time zone.
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July 28, 2003 18:50:23

Here's me, entering the Yukon Territory. This is the first time I've been "North of 60" -- north of 60 degrees latitude, that is.

July 28, 2003 20:00:26

The Alaska Highway dips into British Columbia again for a few miles, so I get to enter the Yukon again. The pole in the background says "WELCOME TO NORTH OF 60".

July 29, 2003 09:00:27

I stayed at the Air Force Lodge in Watson Lake that night. It's a very cool place -- the building was originally an Air Force barracks which was built in 1942 along with the Alaska Highway, but it has since been completely renovated. Shoes must be taken off at the door, and the bathroom/showers are down the hall from the rooms. This is definately a very interesting place to stay, and I highly recommend it. The proprietor took this picture of me standing in front.

July 29, 2003 09:04:08

July 29, 2003 09:04:45

This sign outside the Air Force Lodge advertises the low rate of $45 Canadian, which is about $32 in U.S. funds. (Obviously the prices may change throughout the year, and you should call ahead if it's a concern.)

July 29, 2003 09:06:20

I'm too lazy to rotate photos, so please tilt your head to your left 90 degrees to properly see this picture of the interior of the Air Force Lodge.

July 29, 2003 09:07:07

July 29, 2003 09:08:28

A typical room at the Air Force Lodge.

July 29, 2003 09:37:03

Downtown Watson Lake. The town of Watson Lake has a rather uninteresting "frontage road" style layout.

July 29, 2003 09:44:16

This and the following pictures are from the world famous Watson Lake signpost collection.

July 29, 2003 09:48:22

July 29, 2003 09:48:52

July 29, 2003 09:49:10

July 29, 2003 09:49:30

July 29, 2003 11:13:47

The Alaska Highway begs the adventurous traveler onward to Whitehorse!

July 29, 2003 16:22:13

The popular Denver-based Quizno's sandwich shop has spread as far north as the Yukon!

July 29, 2003 17:29:56

"The Holodeck" is a good place to stop and check your email.

July 29, 2003 19:13:29

Yes, there's even a Wal-Mart in the Yukon.

July 29, 2003 19:59:45

A signpost just west of Whitehorse indicates that the Dempster Highway can be reached by hanging a right here at the Klondike Highway (and driving a few hundred miles).

July 29, 2003 20:08:01

Here, I must depart the Alaska Highway and travel north on the Klondike Highway on my way to the Arctic.

July 30, 2003 10:09:42

Another signpost points the way to the mostly-gravel Campbell Highway which heads back towards Watson Lake.

July 30, 2003 10:27:28

Scenery from the Klondike Highway.

July 30, 2003 10:27:45

July 30, 2003 13:51:58

July 30, 2003 13:52:14

July 30, 2003 13:52:29

I can't be too far from the Dempster Highway now!